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not mad, just disappointed

not mad, just disappointed

Ever since leaving the house for a pack of smokes and never returning home, Mom says he’s been keeping pretty busy these days, getting wasted on cheap beer during the day and wreaking havoc at the local dive clubs at night…

DAD is a punk/thrash metal quartet based out of Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY. They specialize in creating an atmosphere of mayhem both on stage and in the studio, transcending basic punk formulas and achieving a fresher, darker brand of doom-drenched ecstasy. Their sound and lyrics are a bloodied, sharp knife drawing inspiration from an eclectic group of acts like Slayer, Converge, Jesus Lizard, and Pissed Jeans.

This wild grouping of Brooklyn-based musicians spent their first two years playing extensively throughout the tri-state area, touring the Northeast and releasing a slew of singles and A/B’s. The first of which premiered in June 2016, featuring the fiery singles Company Policy and Chasm. Party At Mike’s (Greedy Dilettante Records) which Sweet Static called “a crunchy, unforgiving thrasher” came out in March 2017. Tiny Mix Tapes reviewed it as “a template for no-fooling-around filth rock”. Infirmary came out in August along with a “heavy and woozy” (Sweet Static) take on Fang’s 1983 classic The Money Will Roll Right In.

Throughout the year, DAD spent time in the studio with producer, John Meredith / Mollusk Studios, preparing for a full length record. They released the single, Story of Man, from these sessions in October 2017. A sludgy, pummeling take on “unapologetic American behavior” that speaks of the “American everyman, who sees nothing wrong with the state of the world… still wants more, and is never satisfied” (Sweet Static).

They started 2018 sharing the stage with Pop. 1280, He Is Legend, and Frankie Rose and it doesn’t look like they’re slowing down. Their latest single Domesticate Me, released in April on Friday the 13th, pulsates “in a bottom-heavy thrashing panic”. MetalSucks.net said it belonged “right at home on any Amphetamine Reptile release from their golden years.” DAD plan to release a couple more singles from the Mollusk Sessions over the summer, along with the full length record before the end of the year.

DAD is…

Jeremy Duvall

David Flick

Jon Murphy

James Watson